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The New Riven SFX Game Show

We finally have a new time for the Riven SFX Game Show!

Know the game Riven and it's glorious musical and sound wonders? Think you know the sound effects well enough to recognize them by ear? Well test your skills at the 1st Riven Sound Effects Game Show! On Wednesday, Jun. 23rd at 8 PM (20:00) KI time come on down to the Eastern Time Zone Bevin for fun and games and to hear a little bit of the masterpiece that was Riven.

We'll be looking for three contestants to give this a shot. The game will be run similar to the show Jeopardy. Let me know if you're interested.

As a note, due to the unreliability of in game Voice Chat, we are going to be playing the sounds over Teamspeak 3. Details about configuring and setting that up can be found here.

Any questions can be directed to me in game at my KI number (see my signature), by e-mail tanshin@guildofmessengers.com, or in this topic Please let me know if you have any Teamspeak troubles.

Details about how the game will be played and how the day will go (including when music will start playing, when people may enter the hood, etc) can be found with the More Info link below. We hope to see lots of people!

D'ni Location: 
Eastern Time Zone's Bevin - Community Room
Date of the event: 
June 23, 2010 - 20:00

Myst Online: Uru Live Facebook Group

Myst Online: Uru Live has an unofficial FaceBook Group.

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Good news: RealMyst now available at GOG for $5.99


RealMyst now available for download at GOG for $5.99

Included in the RealMyst version is the extra age called "Rime".

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iRiven on the road

Some days ago Chogon let slip out the news that he, RAWA and Rand are currenly working on a version of Riven for the iPhone/iPod Touch, following the extraordinary success they has with iMyst!!

Cheers for Cyan and the new version of Riven!!

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Myst Free released for iPhone/iPod Touch; Myst price drops $1

According to TouchArcade.com, Cyan's "Myst Free" app, an edition of Myst for iPhone and iPod Touch with only Myst Island, has finally made it onto Apple's App Store.  (Chogon had previously mentioned on the MystOnline forums that Myst Free had been submitted to Apple for review on September 22.)  Myst Free is 124 megabytes in size.

TouchArcade also reports that Cyan has dropped the price of Myst for iPhone and iPod Touch by $1, from $5.99 to $4.99.


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